I talk about all of our trips and camp activities often, with fathoms of love and appreciation.


Who We Are

Strength through Adventure, Education through Experience – this is the Northpoint philosophy. Our trips build confidence while teaching participants the value of goal-setting and teamwork. Established in 2004 by Christopher Starz, Northpoint positively impacts the lives of many participants each year. Trips are included in tuition for Camp Nicolet campers, and space is reserved first-come, first-served. Register now!

A Progression

Our video explains the Northpoint Adventures program.

Northpoint Trips

Register for a 2021 trip today! Tap the photo for trip information, a packing list, to see who’s going, and to register!

  • Our participants range in age from 11 to 18

  • Each trip is tailored to the participants skill level

  • Our trips last between 1 and 8 days depending on difficulty level

  • Each adventure below includes a difficulty rating, age requirement, packing list and a description of what participants will experience during the trip


Learn how to prepare yummy trip food – in the comfort of your own home!

*Ages 13 and under, please have an adult assist you, as many recipes involve boiling water*

Ready for an Adventure?

Trip registration is part of the Camp Nicolet Camper Application. Choose your adventure in “Additional Options.”

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