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Sylvania Wilderness Canoe


About this Trip

For many participants, the Northpoint experience begins with a first dip of the paddle in crystal-clear Clark or Crooked Lake on the Sylvania Wilderness Canoe trip. Imagine paddling with your friends along the lakes and waterways of the Sylvania Wilderness in upper Michigan, lined with old-growth hemlock and pine trees, and populated by numerous squirrels, soaring bald eagles, and friendly forest creatures. Lakeside campsites are the perfect spot to enjoy yummy trail food, blazing campfires, and the night sky – loaded with stars – viewed from waters’ edge. Tell stories with your best buddies and listen to the call of the loon as you fall sound asleep in the tent. Sylvania is the perfect “first step” in the Northpoint trip progression.


The Sylvania Wilderness Canoe trip teaches introductory tripping skills; including Leave No Trace ethics, working together in small groups paddling a canoe or pitching a tent, the importance of safety, kindness, and respect for each other – as together everyone is experiencing wilderness challenges for the first time. Led by experienced Northpoint trip leaders certified in 1st Aid/CPR and Lifeguarding.

  • July 30th through August 1st, 2024

  • Offered during Session II

  • Recommended for Participants age 11+

  • Introductory level canoe experience – 7.5 miles over 3 days



Trip Length

3 Days

Who’s Coming?

Participating in this season’s trip:


  • To Be Announced

Trip Leaders:

  • To Be Announced

Packing List

The following items are necessary for a safe and comfortable Sylvania Wilderness experience. If you have questions, please e-mail Northpoint Adventures.

– 1 Fleece Top
– 1 Nylon Jacket (for paddling)
– 1 pair Rain Pants (optional)
– 1 pair Quick-Dry Long Pants (athletic pants, hiking pants, etc.)
– 1 pair Long Underwear (Hot Chilis, Under Armour, etc.)
– 2 polypropylene T-shirts, one short- and one long-sleeve
– 1 cotton T-Shirt for around campsite
– 1 pair Nylon Athletic Shorts
– 1 Swimsuit
– 1 pair cotton Socks for around campsite
– 1 pair Smartwool socks
– 1 pair of Pajamas or sleeping attire
– 1 Baseball Cap or Visor
– Undergarments (underwear, sports bras, etc.) as necessary

-1 pair of Tennis Shoes for wear around the campsite
-1 pair of Sandals you can strap to your feet (Chacos, Tevas, etc.)

EXTRAS (but still important…)
– 1 Chapstick or Blistex
– Toothbrush & Toothpaste
– 1 Headlamp – important to have your own
– Camera*
– Bug Spray – preferably Black Fly Formula
– Sunscreen
– Sunglasses
-1 package of Wet Ones or similar hand wipes
-1 small Towel or “Pack Towel”
-1 small Sleeping Bag
-2 Nalgene-brand Water Bottles (wide-mouth, one-quart size. MUST be Nalgene-brand to work with our water purifiers.)
– 1 Crazy Creek Chair or Sleeping Pad – not both, space is limited*

*denotes optional item
Northpoint Adventures will provide remainder of gear, including life vests, paddles, river packs, cooking and eating utensils, and more


This mini-gallery is from our past trips! Additional photos are found on our Facebook Page.


Check out the route!

Sylvania Trip Map