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Super Porkies Backpacking


About this Trip

Have you heard about the trip inspired by Nicolet trippers? Meet Super Porkies; a Northpoint Adventures trip suggested by 2006 Porcupine Mountains backpackers who had such a great time, they wanted an extended version with additional challenge the following summer! The Super Porkies Backpacking trip adds a fourth day and entirely different scenery, including a trip start and end at the Summit Peak Tower located on the south side of the Michigan State park. Participants hike via Lily Pond to remote Greenstone Falls and Section 17. They experience the rugged beauty of the Little Carp River trail, hiking a challenging 8 miles to beautiful Little Carp campground on the shores of Lake Superior. The trip turns inland and passes Shining Cloud Falls enroute to the notoriously muddy and challenging Correction Line Trail and secluded South Mirror Lake campsites. A final evening is spent around the campfire enjoying hallmark Northpoint Adventures cuisine, as star-filled skies reflect in the calm waters of the aptly-named lake. Strong friendships and a sense of accomplishment highlight Super Porkies!


Super Porkies Backpacking offers an additional challenge and depth of backcountry experience and teaches participants; Leave No Trace ethics, the importance of goal-setting and encouraging team members in accomplishing said goals, respect for fellow trippers, responsibility for and within the group, additional hands-on wilderness cooking skills, the importance of self and personal gear care, the importance of wilderness hygiene, and reinforcement of map, compass, and navigation skills. The trip is led by experienced Northpoint Adventures leaders certified in 1st Aid/CPR, Lifeguarding, and/or Wilderness First Aid – and challenges backpackers with longer hiking days up to 9 miles, perfect preparation for Isle Royale Backpacking offered later in the Northpoint Adventures series.

  • Future Trip Dates to Be Determined

  • Recommended for Participants ages 13+

  • Intermediate level backpacking experience – 29 miles over 4 days



Trip Length

4 Days

Who’s Coming?

Future Trip Dates to Be Determined


  • To Be Announced

Trip Leaders:

  • To Be Announced

Packing List

The following items are necessary for a safe and comfortable Super Porkies experience. If you have questions, please e-mail Northpoint Adventures.

– 2 pair Synthetic Socks for hiking – anything other than cotton works, Smartwool brand hikers are best
– 1 pair Nylon Athletic Shorts
– 1 pair breathable Hiking Pants, or one pair Athletic Pants as a substitute works well
– 1 short-sleeve Polypropylene Hiking Shirt – a shirt other than a cotton t-shirt works well
– 1 long-sleeve Polypropylene Hiking Shirt – if you only have long-sleeve cotton, that’s fine – 1 Polar Fleece Top – not cotton, NO sweatshirts
– 1 pair Rain Pants
– 1 Rain Jacket – no ponchos, please – Nylon Raingear recommended
– 1 T-Shirt for sleeping
– 1 pair lightweight Pajama Pants
– 1 pair Socks for sleeping
– 4 pair Underwear
– Sports Bras as necessary
– 1 Swimsuit
– 1 Baseball Cap, Visor, or Bandana

– 1 pair of Hiking Boots – comfortable but supportive hiking shoes or boots are suitable for Pictured Rocks
– 1 pair of Sandals you can strap to your feet (Chacos, Tevas, etc.)

EXTRAS (but still important…)
– 1 Chapstick or Blistex
– Toothbrush & Toothpaste
– 1 Headlamp – important to have your own
– Camera*
– Bug Spray – preferably Black Fly Formula
– Sunscreen
– Sunglasses
– 1 package of Wet Ones or similar hand wipes
– 1 small Towel or “Pack Towel”
– 1 small Sleeping Bag
– 2 Nalgene-brand Water Bottles (wide-mouth, one-quart size. MUST be Nalgene-brand to
work with our water purifiers.)
– 1 Crazy Creek Chair or Sleeping Pad – not both, space is limited*

*denotes optional item

Northpoint Adventures will supply packs, bungees, eating and cooking equipment, and the rest of the gear for the trip.


This mini-gallery is from our past trips! Additional photos are found on our Facebook Page.


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