Super Porkies Backpacking


The Super Porkies trip isn’t offered during the

2020 season.  Thanks for your interest!

4 days - optional trip - open to ages 13+

Recommended for campers interested in Isle Royale Backpacking

Super Porkies began in 2007 when a group of campers requested a longer version of the original trip!  Usually offered every other summer, Super Porkies offers participants a 23 mile backpacking adventure exploring even more highlights of the Porcupine Mountains.  The trip begins at Summit Peak Scenic Area, and winds its way into Section 17 near Greenstone Falls.  Participants spend the second night at Little Carp, and then hike through the heart of the Porkies wilderness on the third day passing Shining Cloud Falls and the Big Carp River.  The third night is spent at pristine Mirror Lake, where fun stories and good food abound!  On the fourth day the trip concludes with stunning views from atop the tower at Summit Peak.  A more challenging version of Porkies I or II, a Super Porkies trip with your friends is sure to be a highlight of the summer!


The Porkies Adventure Continues!



Challenge Series

(Intermediate Trip)


**indicated routes are subject to change

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