Rocky Mountain Backpacking


Friday, July 19th through Friday, July 26th

Occurs during Nicolet Session III

8 days - optional trip - open to ages 16+

Completion of Isle Royale & Voyageurs Canoe recommended

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is home to the most beautiful and rugged mountains in the West!  Spend 6 days backpacking through mountain meadows, sub-alpine forests, and over windswept passes.  This is the ultimate Northpoint challenge, and a trip you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  Explore Glacier Gorge, hike over Granite Pass, and camp at 12,700 feet in the unique and desolate Boulderfield.  Learn ultra-light backpacking techniques, learn to pace yourself at high altitude, the importance of trail nutrition, and work with your fellow participants to overcome additional challenges associated with high altitude backpacking/mountaineering.  Reach a final elevation of approximately 13,000 feet at the Keyhole - a place where you feel like you’ve truly reached the top.

Participants and trip leaders will stage at the Leadership Center at Camp Nicolet and will depart from that location, flying as a group from Rhinelander Airport on Delta Airlines.  Register early for this fantastic Northpoint Adventures experience!


the ultimate high altitude adventure


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Growth Series

(Expert Trip)

Long’s Peak is the backdrop - Chasm Lake at RMNP


**indicated routes are subject to change