Rocky Mountain Backpacking


The following items are necessary for a safe and comfortable Rocky Mountain Backpacking experience.  This trip requires gear slightly more technical than before - please read the list carefully.  If you have questions, please e-mail Northpoint Adventures.


  1. -2 pair Smartwool Brand Hiking Socks - a must for Rocky Mtn

  1. -1 pair Nylon Athletic Shorts

  1. -1 pair breathable Hiking Pants - recommend zip-off hiking pants (shorts and pants in one)

  1. -1 short-sleeve Polypropylene Hiking Shirt - a shirt other than a cotton t-shirt works well

  1. -1 long-sleeve Polypropylene Hiking Shirt - no cotton please

  1. -1 Polar Fleece Top - not cotton, no sweatshirts

  1. -1 pair Rain Pants

  1. -1 GoreTex rain coat - it’s important to stay dry

  1. -1 T-Shirt for sleeping

  1. -1 pair lightweight Pajama Pants

  1. -1 pair Socks for sleeping/campsite

  1. -4 pair Underwear (or enough for 6 days)

  1. -Sports Bras as necessary

  1. -1 Baseball Cap, Visor, or Bandana


There is a chance we’ll encounter cold conditions high in the mountains.  Temperatures also fluctuate throughout the day.  Be prepared with the following layers:

  1. -1 stocking cap

  1. -1 pair gloves or mittens (lightweight)

  1. -1 medium-weight puffy jacket (outer layer)

  1. -1 warm-up jacket (micro-puff, fleece, or similar) (inner layer)

  1. -1 Under Armor or similar Polypropylene turtleneck or cold gear base layer

  1. -1 pair long underwear or waffle/fleece pants (insulated but

  not bulky)


  1. -1 pair of ankle-height Hiking Boots - Hiking or All-Terrain Shoes DO NOT WORK for Rocky Mountain! Supportive boots are a must, and please break them in.

  1. -1 pair of campsite shoes, Chacos, etc.

EXTRAS (but still important...)

- 1 Chapstick or Blistex

- Toothbrush & Toothpaste

- 1 Headlamp - important to have your own

- Camera*

- Bug Spray or Bug Wipes

- Sunscreen

- Sunglasses - required as UV levels are high at altitude

- 1 Pocket Knife or Leatherman tool

  1. -1 package of Wet Ones or similar hand wipes

  2. -1 Sleeping Bag - please check the degree rating on your bag.  It’s important to bring a bag rated between 0 degrees (preferred) to 20 degrees.  Anything rated warmer than 20 degrees isn’t suitable for high-altitude camping.

  1. -2 Nalgene-brand Water Bottles (wide-mouth, one-quart size.  MUST be Nalgene-brand to work with our water purifiers.)

- 1 Crazy Creek Chair or Sleeping Pad - not both, space is limited*

*denotes optional item

Northpoint Adventures will supply packs, eating and cooking equipment, and the rest of the gear for the trip.







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Revised 9/2016