Isle Royale Backpacking


Wednesday, June 26th through Tuesday, July 2nd

Occurs during Nicolet Session I

Come early for the trip, stay for camp!

7 days - optional trip - open to ages 14+

Typically Camp Nicolet’s Advanced Camper age group

As the largest island in the largest freshwater lake in the world, Isle Royale provides the perfect setting for this challenging but ultimately rewarding backpacking adventure.  Take the Isle Royale Queen IV across Lake Superior to the island, then experience the rugged Rock Harbor trail, scenic Lake Richie, and the secluded waters of McCargoe Cove.  Other highlights include spectacular vistas from Mt. Franklin and the Mt. Ojibway lookout tower on the Greenstone Trail, swimming at Moskey Basin, the historic Daisy Farm campground, and of course, the good food, good friends, and lasting memories you will make.  This trip provides a perfect opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and gain an enormous feeling of accomplishment.


The Awesome Isle Adventure



Growth Series

(Advanced Trip)


**indicated routes are subject to change

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